The staff, governors, parents and pupils are proud to be at the heart of our local community. We feel that it is important to nurture and develop relationships with residents, local businesses and various community groups. The impact of covid has seen a shift in people meeting up face to face and our mission this year is to ‘bring the Community back into Lowca Community School’!

So far, we have held an Easter Bingo Event at the local village hall and pupils invited residents, businesses, members of the Parish Council and the Local Church group to attend. This was great event, which not only raised money for our school library but people together. This was some feedback received from the event:

Many thanks to you, your staff and especially the children for hosting what was a great afternoon. Everyone who I spoke to after your event said how much they really enjoyed it. It was also much appreciated that you used Lowca Village Hall for your venue and I hope that you would look to do so again for any other such event. You will always be welcome. The Village Hall Committee are trying really hard to get the Lowca community to make more use of the Village Hall, and therefore ensure it’s future in what are challenging times. To have Lowca Community School hold an event at the Village Hall was fantastic and will hopefully show the Lowca community that, like the school, their Village Hall is still very much an important part of village life and must be kept going.

Our Eco-council have also completed a litter pick in the local park to help tide it for the younger residents of Lowca and our School Council conducted surveys as part of our Vision and Values Relanch, to find out what residents would like to see of our pupils.

We held lots of Christmas activities in 2023 including Parent & Child Craft sessions, Movie nights and a Community Christmas Fayre which was very well attended!

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