In our Lowca Family, we look after each other, respect peoples’ differences and embrace uniqueness. We have a safe space to learn, make mistakes and help each other to grow. We look after our environment and understand that we are part of a wider community, who can all work together to make the world a better place. When we feel safe, loved, and valued we have the ability to thrive, explore our own interests, nurture our talents and follow our dreams.


Our School motto is Learning to Love; Loving to Learn as we strongly believe that only when a child feels safe, loved and valued can they embrace learning and achieve their full potential .

After carrying out research and conducting surveys with our pupils, parents, staff and wider community we have decided to focus on five core values; Love, Ownership, Wellbeing, Collaboration and Attitude. These values are shared and discussed regularly, promoted and modelled every day at school and demonstrated by pupils and staff in our school, home and local environment. Each half term, our key assembly focuses on one value and pupils can nominate others for awards by sharing when they have ‘caught’  them showing one of the values.

We display these posters around our school as reminders and have a display in the hall where we share ideas about each value and what it means to us.