At Lowca Community School, we value personal development as much as academic achievement as this provides valuable life skills which form the character of our pupils. We allow pupils to follow their own interests as well as provide a wide range of experiences such as animal care, outward bound, forest school, first aid, performance art, extra curricular activities and cultural enrichment through trips to museums and galleries to broaden experiences of the wider world. We do a lot of work in the local environment to provide pupils with an understanding of community and society. We also provide experiences to support Career guidance throughout the school to highlight the endless possibilities beyond primary school.

Pupils work together in House Teams to collect points for rewards and complete Mental Health activities regularly including taking part in Decider Skills and Children ‘s Mental Health Week. We provide pupils with a voice to help change and monitor the school including School Council, Eco Council, Phunky Foods Representatives, Safe’guards’ and Mental Health Champions. Each year children present and vote for new representatives so everyone has a chance to be involved.

Every Friday, Pupils take part in our ‘Character Curriculum’ and enjoy following personal interests to work towards the Cumbrian Award. This has three themes which include:

Drama and Performing Arts



More information can be found here Cumbrian Award